Sound Of Silent
It is often said that heroin steals the soul, primarily because among the signs of addiction include staring distantly into space – without purpose and without focus. Heroin is a narcotic and a highly addictive drug that apart from the high and euphoric state that the user achieves, it has no other benefits for the user. Instead, it has a damaging effect which can be irreversible after prolonged use, destroying the brain’s neurological function and creating imbalance in the body’s chemical structure. Heroin withdrawals are among the most difficult to suppress, which leads to sustained use, pushing the user further into the addiction. Like any addiction, heroin addiction causes disorientation in the user’s relationships between and among loved ones. It is important to keep loved ones from using the drug in the first place, or if someone dear to you is already an addict, get help as soon as possible.

Heroin addiction, like addiction to dangerous drugs such as cocaine and meth, has physical manifestations that are not hard to miss. It is necessary to catch heroin use on the onset, since the longer the use, the more difficult to treat. Among the signs and effects of heroin addiction includes fatigue, dry mouth, heaviness in limbs, constricted pupils, decreased mental function, and a constant state of drowsiness.  In the long run, heroin use changes the brain’s dopamine system which makes the user become more and more dependent on the substance. Heroin abuse, in the extreme, can lead to destruction of relationships, consistent preoccupation with the drug intake, collapsed veins, extreme depression leading to suicidal thoughts and ultimately, death. Apart from the physical manifestations, heroin abuse will lead to behavioral changes. For families and loved ones of heroin addicts, usual scenarios involve the person not being the same – unfortunately, for the worse.

It is no question that heroin addiction destroys lives. It consumes and takes over the lives of its users. For prolonged users, it is no longer possible to go out of the addiction by virtue of one’s own will. External help will inevitably be needed. This is the reason why the support of family and friends is crucial, and getting help from professionals is the first step towards rehabilitation and healing. Detoxification is the first step towards rehabilitation, helping users overcome the dependence. For heroin addicts, the struggle is real. Help them; Do not let heroin steal your loved ones, do not let heroin steal their soul.
Do Not Let Heroin Steal Your Soul

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